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What is the Best Way to Take CBD?

Posted by Matthew Toma on

best way to take CBD

We get this question asked all the time.  We were in the business long before most people even heard of CBD.  In fact, in the beginning, most of the CBD products on the market were made from CBD isolate.  What is isolate?  It is basically an isolated version of CBD that only contains one form of CBD (in general).  CBD isolate does not contain all of the cannabinoids you will find in a full-spectrum CBD formula. Isolate is cheap, much cheaper than full-spectrum oil.  Isolate does not provide all the benefits that full spectrum does, and it is mostly reserved now for convection purposes (baking).  However, it's not just isolate that is used in baking, full spectrum oil is also used but is more expensive, yet it makes for a higher quality product. 

In this article we will talk about the best way to take full-spectrum CBD oil which provides the largest range of benefits compared to isolate. There are several ways to take CBD, but which way is best?  We will list all the ways to take CBD in the order of what is most effective. 

From a cost perspective, you probably want to get your biggest bang for your buck.  If this is the case, CBD oil tinctures are going to be your best bet.  A tincture is simply a small bottle of liquid containing CBD.  The majority of CBD oil tinctures on the market are full spectrum.  These tiny bottles usually contain 30 milliliters of solution.  The eyedropper (looks like a miniature turkey baster) that comes with the bottle and holds 1 milliliter of liquid, which means you get 30 (1ml) eye droppers per bottle, or about 1 months supply, that is only if you take a full eyedropper per day.  Some people opt to take half an eyedropper which is half of the individual dose labeled on the bottle.  In this case, the tincture could last up to 2 months with half the daily dosage. 

Advantages of CBD tinctures:  Since it is taken sublingually or under the tongue the CBD tends to absorb better and faster.  Users will feel the benefits within 15 minutes and the effects will last between 5 - 8 hours. This is the most effective way to get CBD in your body.  Your body will receive anywhere from 40-50% of the available CBD. 

Disadvantages of CBD tinctures:  Dosages are not pre-measured.  It is up to the user to appropriately gauge the amount of liquid in the eyedropper (you cannot overdose, but you can end up using more product than your body needs which means money unnecessarily spent).  Also, some users mention they do not like the "earthy-hemp taste" when the oil is sitting below their tongue.  Some people tend to chase it down with some juice to cut some of the earthy flavor. 

Advantages of CBD capsules:  Capsules are pre-measured and contain the exact amount of CBD as listed on the label.  We believe this is the second best way to take CBD.  Most capsules are made with full spectrum oil, stay away from capsules made with straight CBD isolate as it does not provide the full benefits. Capsules are convenient (you don't have to measure out liquid like you would with a tincture) and can be taken on the go.  They are also time released which means they can last from 12 - 24 hours.  

Disadvantages of CBD capsules:  Some people don't like to swallow pills.  In this case they could eat an edible like a gummy and get the same effect as a capsule.  However, one of the downsides of swallowing capsules or eating edibles is the low bioavailability.  Only 5 - 20% of the CBD is absorbed, the rest is wasted.  This is due to the first pass effect where the CBD concentration is greatly reduced before it reaches systemic circulation.  Basically, most of the CBD is absorbed in the gut and liver before it makes its way into the bloodstream.  By the time it does reach the bloodstream, only a small percentage of CBD is available to the body. 

Advantages of Vaping CBD oil:  Vaping CBD oil provides the largest percentage of bioavailability.  When you vape CBD you bypass the first pass effect.  It does not have to go through the gut and liver.  Instead, it makes its way straight into the bloodstream which results in up to 80% bioavailability.  This is the fastest and most concentrated way to take CBD.  But why isn't vaping the best method?

Disadvantages of Vaping CBD oil:  Some people don't like to smoke.  And most people that don't smoke, don't want to take up vaping and create a new habit.  But the biggest disadvantage of vaping CBD is that it only stays in the system for a short while.  Whereas, tinctures can last up to 8 hours, and capsules can last up to 24 hours, vaping only last a few hours at best.  Most users feel instant relief but it doesn't last long. That is why it may be necessary to vape every hour or two in order to feel relief.  We have also heard from several people that vaping CBD does not help them as much as when they take it with a tincture, or swallow a capsule.  And for these reasons, we rank tinctures and capsules to be more effective than vape. 

Advantages of creams, lotions, and balms:  Anyone can apply a cream to their skin.  It is easy, fast, and convenient.  Creams and lotions are made from complex solutions, whereas balms are usually more natural, made with less ingredients, and are infused with some type of wax like beeswax.  All of these topical products can help with localized pain like joint pain, muscle, pain, bone pain, arthritis, eczema, psoriasis, as well as other ailments.  We recommend that you combine a tincture or capsule treatment with a topical treatment so you can treat your body from within as well as the outside. 

Disadvantages of creams, lotions, and balms:  They are mainly effective for topical pain only.  They do not treat the inside of the body.  The bioavailability is very low at 10%.  Since it is applied topically, a lot of CBD will not find its way to its appropriate centers.  Although they are fairly effective when applied to topical pain areas, lotions and balms have little if any impact on the inside of the body. 

The majority of the population are using CBD oil tinctures.  They provide the largest benefits of all the other methods and are far more effective than other methods.  Capsules and edibles provide a consistent time release and they are the next best thing to tinctures.  Vaping is very effective short term but quickly loses its effectiveness.  Vaping is good for those with anxiety that need to feel the effects of the CBD right away but not for a long time.  A quick-fix so to say. 

Our recommendation:  We notice that most of our customers tend to buy a tincture and a bottle of capsules, a tincture and a pain cream, or a bottle of capsules and a pain cream.  They usually buy a product that helps them from within, and another product that helps them on the outside like a topical cream. 

We recommend to our clients that they take 1/2 oil tincture in the morning which lasts about 8 hours.  Then take another 1/2 oil tincture around mid-afternoon that will last another 8 hours until they go to bed at night.  And then right before they go to bed, take a capsule that will last throughout their night's sleep and overlap in the morning the next day when they take the tincture again. This will keep a 24 hour flow of CBD within their system. 

For those with topical pain, we encourage you to take a tincture or capsules, plus a pain cream as this will provide full benefits inside and out. 

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