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What are Proper Dosage Recommendations for CBD Oil?

Posted by Matthew Toma on

recommended CBD dosage

As always please consult your physician before incorporating CBD oil to ensure it does not conflict with any pre-existing conditions or medications you may be taking. 

Each person is different and will require different amounts of CBD.  When we refer to "amount" we are talking about milligrams or the "strength of the CBD product".  The more milligrams of CBD, the stronger the product is.  A typical single dosage is between 5 - 30 milligrams.  Gummy bears, edibles, and capsules can range from as low as 2 mg to as high as 30 mg per piece/capsule.  Tinctures, or CBD oil that you drop under the tongue, can range from 17 mg to as high as 175 mg per dose!

So what is the proper dosage for me?  In order to find your perfect dosage, we will need to know your body weight, level of pain, and tolerance to CBD products.  A good rule of thumb is that most people will need between 15 mg and 50 mg of CBD per day.  A smaller person weighing around 100 pounds with low level pain may need only 15mg of CBD per day, whereas a person weighing 200 pounds in moderate pain may need up to 50mg per day.  People that have extreme medical conditions may require in excess of 100mg per day or more. 

It is always best to start slow.  15mg - 20mg per day would be a good initial starting point for most people.  Again, if your larger than average or have more pain than the average person then 30 - 50mg per day would be more ideal.  Once you start to see the effects and benefits you can always increase the dosage if you believe there is room for additional improvement. 

There are several ways to take CBD.  You can take it orally, rub it into the skin, or vape it.  When you take it orally, you are taking it sublingually in the form of a tincture, or consuming it in the form of a pill/capsule, or an edible like a gummy bear.  You can apply it topically (transdermal application) for localized pain.  And lastly, you can vape it, which is basically inhaling the vapors that contain CBD.  Want to know the best way to take CBD? 

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